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The New York Mets, who spent 600 billion won on player recruitment alone… Can we win next year?

The American Professional Baseball Major League (MLB) New York Mets pulled the trigger to win.

After the Mets took over in October 2020 from Steve Cohen, the “hedge fund tycoon,” they began aggressively reinforcing players.

Shortstop Francisco Lindor, acquired 토토사이트 through a trade in April of last year, signed a 10-year, $341 million contract extension, the third largest ever at the time. In November, free agency pitcher Max Scherzer was held for 3 years and 130 million dollars (approximately 170 billion won). The amount spent last year alone was a whopping 258 million dollars (approximately 337.5 billion won). 

Despite having several All-Star players, the Mets’ recent two seasons have fallen short of expectations. In the 2021 season, he did not even step on the postseason threshold with 77 wins and 85 losses, 3rd in the National League East Division, and this season, he entered the postseason stage with 101 wins and 61 losses and 1st place in the wild card, but was caught in a wild card match with San Diego Padres.

The Mets, who did not let go of their dream of winning, made a large-scale investment again. Starting with the renewal of the contract with the team’s closer, Edwin Diaz, for five years and $102 million (approximately 133.5 billion won), he went on a shopping spree.

When Jacob deGrom, the team’s first starter, transferred to the Texas Rangers, the Mets gave Justin Verlander, a 39-year-old veteran pitcher who won the Cy Young Award this year, for two years and $86.66 million (approximately 113 billion won). The Mets re-established the one-two punch that raged on the Detroit Tigers from 2010 to 2015.

After signing an eight-year contract with outfielder Brandon Nemo for $162 million (about 212 billion won), the Mets signed a five-year contract with Japanese pitcher Senga Godai for $75 million (about 98 billion won). Jose Quintana, a starting resource, was also recruited for 2 years and 26 million dollars (approximately 34 billion won).

The amount used by the Mets in this free agency amounted to a whopping $461.7 million (approximately 605 billion won).

With this acquisition, the Mets’ team salary in 2023 is expected to exceed $300 million (approximately 392.7 billion won). MLB’s official website,, said, “The Mets are likely to start next season with the highest total annual salary in major league history.”

Due to the excessively high salaries of the players, the luxury tax (a penalty to be paid if the salary cap exceeds the standard) to be paid to the 토토사이트 secretariat is expected to reach 80 million dollars (approximately 104.4 billion won).

While embracing top players one after another, many are already picking the Mets as the number one candidate to win the World Series next season.

It seems the Mets’ shopping isn’t over yet. The Mets are also reportedly interested in signing All-Star shortstop Carlos Correa. noted that “Cohen and the Mets may not be over yet.”

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