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‘Third exit’ Mourinho, controversy over booing at rival youth player… Lazio prosecuted

AS Roma coach Jose Mourinho was dismissed from the Cremonese match, and controversy over booing was added to the youth player.

British media ‘The Sun’ reported on the 2nd (local time), “Coach Mourinho watched the U-14 team match between AS Roma and Lazio with the coaches two days before the Cremonese match. At the time, it was claimed that he booed a Lazio player who came out to kick a penalty kick, and ordered Roma youth players to waste time with sternness.

Boceraccio, a Lazio newsletter, said, “Coach Mourinho took an attitude that was against the spirit of sports. It is known that Lazio also made a formal protest to Mourinho.

Roma and Lazio share the same stadium, the Olimpico Stadium, but they are hot rivals that cannot be yielded to each other. 위너 토토 The confrontation between the two teams is as fierce as the Milan derby and El Clasico.

Coach Mourinho may have tried to instill a fighting spirit and pride as a Roma player in his youth players. However, he is not avoiding his criticism for neglecting the spirit of partnership and the excessive desire to compete even with young players. Lazio could not but be offended, of course, and he is demanding discipline from manager Mourinho with the prosecution.

He was sent off after a severe altercation with the referee against Cremonese on the 1st, and this is the third time this season.

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