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‘Three consecutive toss’ toward the main gun Lincoln, player Han “I pushed it with the mind to pierce it unconditionally”

Korean Air scored a set score of 3-0 (25-20, 25-22) in the home game against Hyundai Capital in the second leg of the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Men’s Championship (3 out of 5 matches) held at Incheon Gyeyang Gymnasium at 7:00 pm on the 1st. , 25-22) and won a shutout.

There have been 8 times in history when both the first and second rounds have been won in the men’s championship match. The team lifted the championship cup with 100% probability. Korean Air won the second game following the first game, and is on the verge of winning the combined championship for three consecutive seasons. Korean Air, which has already won the KOVO Cup and the regular season, will challenge the second treble in the V-League men’s division following Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance in the 2009-2010 season.

Korean Air setter Han Seon-sun, who attended the press conference for distinguished players after the game, said, “It’s good to win the championship game, but there were many mistakes. That part is regrettable. Still, it feels good to win.”

When asked about the burden of the championship game, he said, “Younger players with more experience than seniors will feel the burden, but if the seniors lead well, there will be no problem.”

There was also a scene in which one player made a toss to Lincoln three times in a row, even though Lincoln’s attack in the third set was blocked by the opponent’s blocking in a row, and eventually scored. Regarding this scene, one player said, “I also caught the opponent’s blocking move, and Lincoln continued to be blocked by the opponent’s defense, so I pushed it with the mindset of ‘break through unconditionally’.” Lincoln, who was trusted by one player, scored the most points for both teams with 24 points that day. 안전놀이터

Korean Air will play the third round of the championship match at Yu Gwan-sun Gymnasium in Cheonan on the 3rd. Player Han said, “I will not be vigilant. It is a championship match, but I will think that it is just one game and go all-in. I am not worried about playing in Cheonan. It could be better,” he said.

He is also one of the players who served coffee or tea to the fans before the game. He said, “They said ‘I ate well’ and ‘delicious’ and liked it. It means 4 stars and I drank 4,000 cups.

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