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“Tottenham ‘reddened’ after missing Kim Min-jae”… Even the British media laughs

‘Maybe Conte might have become his most cherished disciple… ‘

In the new year, with Tottenham struggling again due to defensive anxiety, a British media outlet asked what it would have been like if they had recruited Kim Min-jae. It means that if Tottenham had signed him for a cheap transfer fee two years and six months ago, he could have eased his current worries.

The British soccer site ‘Football Fancast’ discussed this topic. The media recently published an article titled ‘Tottenham blushing after missing Kim Min-jae’, saying, “Tottenham’s biggest weakness, defense, shows no signs of improving.” We have to improve our defense somehow to qualify for the Champions League.”

The media continued, “However, despite former manager Jose Mourinho’s efforts toward Kim Min-jae, Daniel Levy (Tottenham) chairman did not even look at it,” adding, “But Napoli is now conquering Serie A with Kim Min-jae.”

Looking at the transfer history of Kim Min-jae, ‘Football Fancast’ judged that Tottenham was able to recruit him at a sufficiently low transfer fee. 카지노사이트

“For reference, the transfer fee received when Jeonbuk sold him to Beijing was It was 6 million dollars (about 7.5 billion won), and Fenerbahce secured Kim Min-jae ahead of the 2021/22 season for 3 million euros, slightly more than half of that amount.”

“Napoli paid all the buyout amount and brought Kim Min-jae for 18 million euros (approximately 21.5 billion won), and so far, it has become the basis for the team’s most goals and least goals with overwhelming skills,” he said.

“Defender Kim Min-jae, who is 191cm tall and has quick feet, may have become Conte’s best disciple,” claims the media.

In addition, he said, “But now, next to coach Conte, there are only Eric Dyer, Ben Davis, Davinson Sanchez, and Clement Langle, who was brought on loan.”

It meant that Tottenham’s mistake of not recognizing the player properly was causing a big butterfly effect.

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