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Tottenham’s worst-case scenario plays out…Kane agrees to move to Munich, variable is Lee’s PSG

Harry Kane has finalized an agreement with Bayern Munich.

German ‘Sky Sports’ reporter Florian Plettenberg, who is familiar with the inner workings of Munich, said on his personal social media account on Wednesday (July 13), “Kane has made it 100% clear to Munich that he only wants to play for them. He is not considering a move to another club abroad. A personal agreement has been reached between the player and Munich. Kane is convinced that if he moves to Munich, he can win the European championship with Thomas Tuchel.”

This is playing out like the worst-case scenario that Tottenham are worried about. For now, Spurs have the upper hand in negotiations. Kane cannot leave Tottenham unless Spurs accept Munich’s transfer offer.

So far, Spurs have rejected all of Munich’s offers. The first offer of £60 million ($99.6 million) was not even considered by Tottenham. The same goes for the second offer, which was upped to €80 million ($113.5 billion). Munich would have to offer a transfer fee of at least £100 million to satisfy Tottenham.

However, the Bavarians are not willing to pay Tottenham’s asking price. Munich is a club that wants to be rational in the transfer market. They are also very careful about their targets in the transfer market. Once they’ve identified a target, they’re very quick to negotiate, but they won’t budge if the player asks for an excessive salary or if the other club wants an excessive transfer fee.

This has led to reports that there is a great deal of dissatisfaction within Tottenham with Munich. “Tottenham are furious with Munich’s bid for Kane, 오래된 토토사이트 according to sources,” said Peter O’Rourke of Football Insider. Tottenham are reportedly unhappy with the way Munich are trying to sign Kane.”

Regardless of Tottenham’s displeasure, Munich’s position is unlikely to change much. Germany’s Sport1 reported on November 11 that “Munich want Kane but think the €80 million plus bonus clause is very fair. As Kane is their favorite target in the No. 9 position, it is very likely that the Bavarians will make at least one more attempt,” adding that Munich will likely submit a third offer.

However, it’s unlikely to be at the level Tottenham want. “Munich won’t do anything crazy. They are not going to pay a transfer fee of well over €100 million for a player with one year left on his contract,” the outlet predicted.

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