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Tuchel also indirectly mentions Kim Min-jae + buyout payment… Kim Min-jae transfer to Munich imminent

Kim Min-jae’s move to Bayern Munich is now a done deal. The coach indirectly mentioned Kim Min-jae.

Bayern Munich head coach Thomas Tuchel held a pre-season press conference on Friday (July 15). During the press conference, Tuchel answered questions about the upcoming season, the players he has already signed, and the latest transfer rumors. Sky Sports Germany summarizes the questions asked and Tuchel’s answers.

There was also talk of Kim Min-jae. When asked about Luca Hernandez’s replacement, Tuchel talked about Kim Min-jae without mentioning his name or any information that would lead one to believe it was Kim Min-jae. Instead, Tuchel said that it was no secret that he was talking about Kim Min-jae, raising expectations among fans.

When asked about Hernandez’s replacement, Tuchel said, “We want to replace Hernandez, and it’s not a secret anymore who will replace him.”

Germany’s Sky Sports reported, “There is no talk of Kim Min-jae. ‘It’s not a secret name anymore, but I’m not going to mention it,'” Tuchel said, referring to Kim Min-jae. Tuchel also said, “It’s not helpful to comment publicly on negotiations. We will try to announce (the signing) in the next few days,” Tuchel added.

As such, it’s safe to say that Kim’s move to Munich is a done deal. A number of local media outlets in Germany and Italy, as well as reputable journalists, have already reported that Kim’s move to Munich has been finalized.

On the same day, European soccer transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano shared Tuchel’s comments on his personal social media account, saying, “And this is Kim Min-jae. The buyout clause has been triggered. The medical is over.” Now all that remains is the official. 토토사이트

The transfer saga of Kim Min-jae is coming to an end. The Bavarians have been interested in the player since the beginning of the saga and have made a quick approach, even reaching a personal agreement. Despite the fact that Kim had to travel to South Korea for basic military training, his overseas agent was in constant contact with Munich and negotiated an agreement. Munich was willing to pay Kim’s buyout amount and offered him a high salary to win him over.

Munich were keen to sign Kim Min-jae. In order to finalize the deal quickly, the club’s medical team traveled to South Korea to conduct medical tests on the player on the same day as his release from training camp. This was so unusual that the German media even used the phrase “crazy medical” to describe it.

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