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When Danjuma comes, Son Heung-min is pushed? British leading newspaper, ‘SON bench run’ convinced

There is a prospect that Tottenham will replace Son Heung-min and appoint Tottenham as a left-handed striker in the future.

Even though he is a left winger, he mainly uses his right foot like Son Heung-min, and it seems that this opinion came out because Son Heung-min has recently been in poor condition.

On the 25th (Korean time), the influential British newspaper ‘Evening Standard’ said, “If Danzuma joins, it will provide Tottenham coach Antonio Conte with a new attack option.” that,” he said.

The newspaper revealed the expected starting lineup for Tottenham if Danjuma joins.

The media put the name of Danjuma instead of Son Heung-min in both 3-4-3 and 3-5-2 models.

In the 3-4-3 formation, Harry Kane, Danjuma, and Dejan Kulusevski form both attacking positions.

In the 3-5-2 formation, it is expected that Danjuma will stand at the front with Kane and two tops.

This year, 26-year-old Danjuma transferred to Spanish La Liga Villarreal in the 2021/22 season after going through NEC in the Netherlands, club Bruges in Belgium, and Bournemouth in England. While playing for a year and a half, he scored 22 goals in 51 matches in various competitions, including La Liga, but when coach Kike Setien arrived in October last year, he lost his position as the main player and came to the transfer market.

Initially, Everton transfer was likely, but Tottenham succeeded in intercepting (hijacking).

However, it remains to be seen whether Danjuma will actually beat Son Heung-min and start as a starter, just like the Evening Standard opinion. 온라인카지노 It is true that he is a high-level offensive resource, having played 6 matches for the Dutch national team, but it is difficult to see that he is superior to Son Heung-min, the top scorer in the Premier League last season.

If Danzuma joins, Son Heung-min’s three-legged competition with the existing Brazilian national team Hischarlisson and Danzuma is expected to be exciting.

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