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‘When Kim Min-jae goes out, Lee Kang-in comes’… Naples, 11-man list of recruiting targets → including Kubo

News that Kang-in Lee has been included in the list of recruiting targets for Napoli.

Napoli had the best season ever. After the 1989-90 season, he became the Italian Serie A champion after 33 years. In the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL), it also vomited its spirit to reach the quarterfinals for the first time since its founding. Even before the season, there was a lot of anxiety as Kalidou Koulibaly, Dries Mertens, Lorenzo Insigne, and Fabian Ruiz, who had been active for a long time, all left.

Contrary to all expectations, Napoli succeeded in turning around. After running wild from the start of the season, he continued his solo system without letting go of the lead. They reached 80 points after drawing 1-1 against Udinese. With five games remaining, the difference between Lazio and second place Lazio was 16 points, confirming the championship regardless of future matches.

Naples, which had the most spectacular season, is afraid of summer. The departure of key players is predicted. Key resources such as Kim Min-jae, Hvica Kvarachhelia, and Victor Osimen are all connected to the big clubs. Napoli want to hold on, but have no choice but to sell if they offer a buyout or offer an amount they can’t refuse.

We are in transfer mode for next season. We are looking for replacements in case the core leaves. I plan to clean up surplus resources such as Tangwi Ndombele. Since Napoli has recently hit the jackpot in the transfer market, there is already a lot of interest in who will be recruited.

Italy’s ‘Mundo Napoli’ mentioned 11 targets Napoli is aiming for on the 17th (Korean time). Giorgio Scalvini and Merich Demiral (above Atalanta) were named defenders. They are considered to be Kim Min-jae’s replacements. In the midfield, Lee Kang-in was included along with Töm Kopmeiners (Atalanta), Davide Pratesi (Sassuolo), Kamada Daichi (Frankfurt), and Lazar Samirdzic (Udinese).

Lee Kang-in has grown into a top-notch midfielder in Spanish La Liga this season. He maximized his strengths and compensated for his weaknesses. His dribbling and key passing abilities are top-notch, and his physicality, competitive ability, and defensive involvement have improved noticeably. He reached 10 offensive points while recording 6 goals and 4 assists in the league alone. His influence is so great that the quality of Mallorca’s game changes depending on whether Lee Kang-in participates or not. Mallorca now feels cramped.

Strongly linked to Atletico Madrid and Aston Villa, but due to differences in views on the transfer fee, transfer rumors have now subsided. Naples appeared. Napoli will be able to afford it financially if they let their core players out. 스포츠토토 It is enough to meet the 20 million euros (about 29.1 billion won) demanded by Mallorca. If Lee Kang-in comes, Napoli seems to be able to maintain and expand the Asian marketing that was carried out with Kim Min-jae at the fore.

Takefusa Kubo (Real Sociedad), who is close to Lee Kang-in, was also included in the recruiting list. There were also Adama Traore (Wolverhampton), Ruud Linström (Frankfurt) and Guglielmo Vicario (Empoli).

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