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Woori Bank, KB run for first place, tying KB to the lowest score ever for the team

Woori Bank and KB Stars are the two major mountain ranges covering women’s professional basketball for the past five years until last season.

Woori Bank was a solo system enough to run 6 consecutive losses from 2016 to 2017 season, but after center Park Ji-soo joined KB, a fierce rivalry began to form. Except for last season, there was never more than 2 regular league rides in 4 seasons. Every time they meet, they fight at the level of a championship match, so of course it has become a representative ‘great match’ of women’s professional basketball.

However, this season has completely broken this composition. As of the 11th, Woori Bank is leading the game with 11 wins and 1 loss, with a win rate of over 90%, but KB Stars has only won 2 wins (10 losses) and is ahead of the lowest ranked Hana 1 Q by only 1 game. Park Ji-soo’s absence from the team due to panic disorder in the offseason is the biggest factor, but other than that, it was difficult to predict that it would collapse to this extent because the winning member of the last season is maintained as it is. Even if it is unavoidable because the center of offense and defense is missing, the psychological sense of shrinkage that it will be difficult to overturn once pushed back also plays a part. Still, there are many cases where the mid- and low-ranking teams are engaged in a close match and collapsed in the match, but in the match against a strong team, 메이저사이트 most of them lose in vain after being pushed all the way from the beginning.

KB Stars and Woori Bank Gyeonggi also repeated this pattern in the ‘Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball’ held at the Cheongju Gymnasium on the 12th. In the previous two head-to-head matches, they were pushed back from the beginning and were completely defeated, and it was the same on this day.

Kim Min-jung, the highest scorer of both teams with 18 points, scored three two-pointers in a row after the start of the game and led 6-5, which was the only lead, but was dragged throughout. Woori Bank players, who played the game in two days, were also in poor condition, with a shot success rate of only 26% in the first quarter, but KB also did not listen to the outside gun at all and could not get ahead.

After the start of the 2nd quarter, Kim Min-jeong and Kang I-seul succeeded in making 3 consecutive points and chased it to 19-20, but after 4 minutes they were unable to break through the opponent’s defensive wall and remained scoreless. The first half finished at -19, which was never narrowed down. In the 4th quarter, trailing 29-45, Choi Hee-jin and Kim So-dam’s 3 consecutive runs made the chase by 10 points the last resistance.

Although there is a relativity, Woori Bank also failed to effectively break through the lethargic shot success rate due to the burden of physical strength and the defense that KB players do not hesitate to do, and only scored the minimum score for the season. Woori Bank won 51-39, winning the 12th win of the season rather poorly. KB also fell into a 5-game losing streak with the team’s lowest score ever (previously 41 points).

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