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Yoshida finally got a long hit… 154 km fastball ‘ML first home run explosion’

Masataka Yoshida (30, Boston Red Sox) hit his first major league home run.

On the 4th (Korean time), Yoshida started as the left fielder in the fourth match against the Pittsburgh Pirates at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts.

In the first inning with the team behind 1-3, with one out and second base, he hit Yohan Oviedo with two points to tie the score over the right fence.

After watching Oviedo’s first pitch slider, Yoshida hit a high 96.2 mile (about 154 km) four-seam fastball from the outside to hit a home run. It was his major league debut home run. His batted ball flew at 104.6 mph. 카지노사이트

Boston signed Yoshida to a five-year, $90 million contract last winter. Since then, Yoshida has played an amazing role in the last 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC). He played in 7 games and collected a batting average of 0.409, 2 homers and 13 RBIs, leading the Japanese national team to the championship.

Then, after returning to the United States, he played an exhibition game and participated in the opening game. A fresh start in the major leagues is good. He was collecting 4 hits in his last 3 games. All four of his hits were singles. And he finally hit the long hit he was desperate for. He turned his first extra-base hit into a home run.

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